Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Real Story Behind The Eviction Proceedings Against Regis Academy

This seems to be yet another example of how Amir Khan spins a good yarn, but his version of events just doesn't hold water.  Here's a letter that went out today to parishioners at the Holy Eucharist Parish, which is "seeking possession of the property" from Khan.

Holy Eucharist Letter
This is a pretty cut and dried version of events.  Solid Rock fell behind in rent so the Parish sought court action for possession of the property.  The court said Solid Rock had to pay the back rent AND pony up the full purchase price by January 3, 2012.  If not, the Parish was entitled to a "Judgement of Possession", ie. they get the property back and Khan gets evicted.  So Solid Rock had between June and January to make it right, and they failed to do so.

But to hear Amir Khan's version of events you would think that all is well with the world!  Give him just a couple more weeks and he'll be right back on top!

Surprised by news of the court action, the Rev. Amir Khan, pastor of Solid Rock, said Friday that he received a lender's verbal commitment for the funds two weeks ago and will have a written commitment by next week.
Solid Rock, a nondenominational, predominantly African American congregation, will pay the full purchase price plus the back rent at settlement, the pastor said.
"Technically, I have nothing until I have the written commitment," said Khan, who still expects to close the deal with the parish and is moving ahead with enrolling students in the charter school.

Surprised?  There was a court order that gave him until January 3rd.  Why is he surprised?  How long did he think the Parish was going to be strung along?

Remember, Khan also runs an 85 child day care on the premises as well as Solid Rock and Nehemiah Group.  If the income from his private school, his church and Nehemiah aren't enough to support the property, clearly Khan NEEDS the tax dollars from the charter to be able to afford the property.

Khan has said as much himself:

But the opening of the larger charter school is essential to the church's plan to buy the land from the diocese, he said.
"We were anticipating the charter school to get additional income to carry us," he said.  (emphasis mine)

And this video is just unreal.  Go to about the 2:06:00 mark.  

Khan brings up the full time staff from Solid Rock and acknowledges them for their loyalty.  He goes on to describe how, in the past year, they have often been working without pay.  

Khan says that they have had to ask the employees of Solid Rock to "hold the check" or they have had to "put money in the kitty" for them until their "final breakthrough comes and we do the mortgage and finish up the things we're doing with the charter school."

Not only is he not paying the rent, he isn't paying his employees.   And not for nothing, but why should anything having to do with the charter school have ANYTHING to do with the finances of Solid Rock??

But hey, if the employees of his church want to work without pay, that is their prerogative.  And we've seen that the mortgage industry has done some crazy things, so I won't be surprised if Amir Khan actually does get his mortgage.  And that is just fine with me.  I have no qualms with Khan's church, private school or Nehemiah or how he runs any of those entities.  

But how can the NJDOE continue to entertain the idea of giving Khan over $2,000,000 of taxpayer's money for Regis Academy?  Especially when it will be taken DIRECTLY from districts where the majority of parents aren't interested in Regis Academy?

Some residents "have said they don't want Regis Academy here, but it's probably a small handful of people who have the biggest voice,"

But the fact remains that a petition against Regis Academy got over 2,000 signatures in 2 weeks.  His best estimate is that in 5 months Regis Academy has received 80 applications. 

Feel free to add your name to the petition:

And read some of the comments after you sign it.  This is more that just a handful of people. 

It's thousands.  
And isn't it interesting that on Friday he told the Philadelphia Inquirer reporter that he has 80 kids enrolled, but that same day I received an OPRA request stating that Regis still hadn't submitted their enrollment data to the Office of Charter Schools?

See the pattern here?  Amir Khan seems to be able to deny the precariousness of his present circumstance and project himself into some time in the future where everything will work out just fine.

In fact, he actually commented on this to a South Jersey Magazine reporter:

"Accelerated destiny,” is what Khan calls it—or, “bringing your future into your now.” The Voorhees resident and 18-year patriarch of the nondenominational Solid Rock has developed an emphatic vernacular, honed over 35 years as a pastor. Charisma is his defining characteristic. Let’s just say he’s a man who gets a lot of windows opened. Or, in Khan’s words: “I could sell a bikini to an Eskimo.”

But many of Solid Rock’s staid Cherry Hill neighbors aren’t charmed. In fact, Khan has almost as many detractors as he has followers.  (emphasis mine)

I would venture to say he has more detractors, but as we've seen, he has supporters in all the right places... 


  1. It's been over a week, can anyone confirm if Khan finally got written confirmation from his lender? Can he come up with the money?

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