Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teacher Bloggers vs. Moran = No Contest

One Newark must end and Tom Moran must stop writing about things he doesn't understand. 

Period. Full stop.

I am so proud of my fellow NJ education bloggers Teacherbiz, Jersey Jazzman and Marie Corfield. With their "combined total of seven degrees, a PhD in the works, and 38 years of teaching experience" they collaborated to do what teachers sometimes must do - educate a resistant pupil - this time in the form of the Star Ledger's Tom Moran.

As Jersey Jazzman says, he's ignored them individually, perhaps he will listen to them collectively.

It's hard to imagine even Moran believes what he writes about Newark anymore. The One Newark plan is in shambles, and by Moran's own admission Anderson has little political acumen and virtually no support. The only thing keeping the badly botched plan afloat is Christie's ham fisted state control of Newark, which makes him the decider, no matter what the people, or their democratically elected mayor, want. 

Mr. Moran, please take note. There is no more support for your opinions about One Newark than there is for the plan itself. 

Your transparent attempt to shower the blame for the inevitable failure of the plan on everyone from the mayor to the "conspiracy theorists" was about as low as it gets. You sir supported Christie's reelection. You sir supported Cami Anderson every step of the way. You sir opposed Ras Baraka's election. You sir denigrated the people of Newark and their elected Board of Education. 

If One Newark fails sir, you must stand and answer to the people of Newark, and you must do it alone.

Moran, a man alone
Christie's relentless quest to marginalize the people of Newark and privatize their schools is undeniable, and it's become quite clear he's not about to back down when he is on the brink of putting Newark public schools right where he wants them.

Dear reader, if you want a real sense of what's happening in Newark, please read everything Bob Braun has written in the last two weeks. One Newark is a travesty, and that it is going largely unreported by the largest paper in the state is unspeakably deplorable. 

Diane Ravitch is helping Bob get the word out, bringing the people of Newark's plight to a national audience.
Bob Braun is New Jersey’s Jeremiah. Outrage is his message. He will not be silent in the face of injustice. He will not curry favor with the powerful. He is angry. And, unlike those who are playing games with the lives of the children of Newark, his conscience is clear.
And guess what Mr. Moran, the consciences of me and my fellow "conspiracy theorists" are clear as well. We stand on the side of children and parents and their right to democratically run their schools and decide their own fate. 

Readers, please do what you can to support the One Newark boycott. You can learn more, volunteer, and/or donate here. And a heart felt thank you to all of the organizers from me and my girls. 

For as Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson pointed out at the NJ Ed March:
If Cami Anderson gets away with her One Newark Plan, and we will not let her, because if she does it will be One Paterson, One Jersey City, One Montclair, One New Brunswick, One Perth Amboy, One Highland Park, One Princeton and we will not let that private mess happen all over this country.
Despite what the Tom Morans of the world would have us believe, this is not just about Newark. Christie has no love for our community driven public schools, and he abhors the unions that work in them. We must all stand together to defend NJ's students, their schools and their teachers.

Volunteer. Donate. Raise your voice.