Friday, March 2, 2012

NJDOE Conducts A Careful And Stringent Approval Process? Now THAT Is Funny!

I had a bit of an outburst when I read this in today's NJDOE press release:

Under the Christie Administration, the Department has strengthened charter operations by:

Following a careful and stringent three-stage review and approval process for new charter school applicants to evaluate the quality of the proposed educational program, the capacity of the founding team to implement that program, and the need for the proposed school in the community. 

How then do they explain that Acting Commissioner Cerf, in the first round of applications he oversaw from start to finish, approved Regis Academy Charter School?  The same charter school that has managed to enroll only 37 students since Cerf approved it in September, while a petition urging the Governor and the Acting Commissioner to deny Regis it's final charter has gathered more than 2,000 signatures in 2 weeks.  Not to mention that the legislators representing Cherry Hill and Voorhees have come out against Regis and questions abound as to the real reasons for Regis' approval, especially when Regis' application wasn't well rated by reviewers. (Thanks Jazzman!)

Way to conduct a careful and stringent approval process that gauges the "need for the proposed school in the community" guys!


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  1. NJDOE Conducts A Careful And Stringent Approval Process? Now THAT Is Funny!

    This is a perfect title considering that not one of the qualifying founders of the Regis Academy Charter School is actually a qualifying founder in accordance with NJ's Charter School Law.

    If the NJDOE actually conducted a careful and stringent approval process, Regis would have NEVER been approved in the first place because it does not meet the requirements of the law.

    Does the NJ DOE even know the requirements of the CHARTER SCHOOL PROGRAM ACT OF 1995? Obviously not.